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Patton Oswalt dons Roy Moore’s cute little vest to play the Trump-approved accused pedophile

Jimmy Fallon might suck, but at least his friends don’t. Patton Oswalt, clad in a cowboy hat and little black vest, swung by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to play everyone’s favorite God-fearing alleged pervert, Roy Moore.

Moore, noted bigot and Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, has been accused of being a serial pedophile by eight different women. All of them have been decried as liars and/or servants of George Soros by Breitbart-reading Alabama voters and our goddamned president, which has resulted in a race that’s much, much closer than it should be. But, hey, that’s 2017 for you.


Oswalt’s appearance at least brings a little levity to the situation, with his Moore rejecting Donald Trump’s official endorsement of his campaign. “He’s immature, he’s annoying, he’s gossipy,” he says of Trump. “He’s like a teenage girl, but in a bad way.”

The segment caps off with Oswalt’s Moore rattling off some potential campaign slogans. “Roy Moore: If 2017 Were a Person, It’d Be Me,” goes the best of the bunch.


Will Moore challenge him to a fight, too? Or do we have to wait until he’s done with Jimmy Kimmel?

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