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Robin Wright takes office in 1st teaser for House Of Cards' final season

After the series of sexual harassment and assault allegations against Kevin Spacey broke late last year, Netflix suspended, then canceled, production on House Of Cards. But a month later, the streaming company got around to noticing the fix that had been right under its nose: Just give the show over to Robin Wright already. Her character, Claire Underwood, had served as First and Second Lady, and had already been named president at the end of season five, so it wouldn’t take much to just leave her in office.

We don’t know what the final and Spacey-less season of House Of Cards will bring—or just how the former president will be offed—but this brief teaser demonstrates how comfortable President (Claire) Underwood is in her new digs. “We’re just getting started,” she says with a smile, possibly recalling reneging on the pardon for her husband Frank.


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