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Sean Hannity says that fake-ass NBC News should take a look at a real outlet, like NBC News

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In what he must surely intend as a Christmas present to us all, Sean Hannity has offered one final self-own of calendar 2017.


“Read and learn,” intones learned reader Sean Hannity, “from NBC News, NBC News.” You have to sort of build a little cozy home inside Sean Hannity’s mind to unpack how a tweet like this even occurs. He begins by reciting friend and colleague Donald Trump’s “fake news” critique of CNN, then lambasting NBC News as “conspiracy tv,” both of which are rich accusations coming from a self-professed journalist whose talking points are just a step toward center of Alex Jones. The Uranium One story that he is directing at NBC News—again, the outlet that published the story—is itself a sterling example of the sort of conspiratorial thinking that he’s increasingly made his chief product to viewers. The investigation it details is also the mandate of Jeff Sessions, who, like Hannity, is really just trying to keep Donald Trump happy. It thus creates a perfectly insular circle of action, in which the things Donald Trump sees on TV create decrees that lead to more things that Donald Trump sees on TV, all of them swirling about the drainage hole of the contemporary American right.

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