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Sean Young says that Harvey Weinstein exposed himself to her

Photo: Toby Canham/Getty Images

On the same day that Heather Kerr, a former sitcom star who quit acting shortly afterwards, accused Harvey Weinstein of forcing her to touch his penis in a private meeting, actress Sean Young revealed that she too had been the victim of harassment from the former movie mogul. As laid out in The Hollywood Reporter, this morning Young appeared on the Dudley And Bob With Matt Show, a podcast in Young’s new home of Austin, Texas, where she recently started a film-tour company.

On the podcast, Young revealed that, on the set of her 1992 movie Love Crimes, Weinstein had cornered her and “[pulled] his you-know-what out of his pants.” She said she rejected him, saying, “‘You know, Harvey, I really don’t think you should be pulling that thing out, it’s not very pretty.’” She added that she never took a meeting with him again, and that she understands why it took so long for some of Weinstein’s victims to come forward. “The minute you actually stand up for yourself in Hollywood, you’re the crazy one,” she said.


Young went on to say that she was “railroaded” after gaining a reputation for being “difficult to work with,” which she says really meant that she resisted the advances of her producers and co-stars. She also recalled publicly accusing Warren Beatty of harassment, a move for which Young claims Barbra Streisand told her, “I think it’s disgusting that you talked to the press!” Streisand denies Young’s claim, telling THR in a statement, “I have no memory of ever having interviewed Sean Young. I do not condone the harassment of women under any circumstance.” 

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