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Tommy Wiseau says he intends to re-release The Room in 3D

(Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Here’s one for all those The Room fanatics out there who still feel like they’ve never, truly, been close enough to Tommy Wiseau: the actor, auteur, and subject of last year’s The Disaster Artist responded to a recent question about a potential remaster of his beloved cult film by going typically above-and-beyond, claiming he intends to release the film not just in “4k” but in “5.1" and “3D,” as well.


There’s no way to tell how likely this is to actually happen—given both the technical problems of refurbishing a film whose appeal often derives from the fact that it looks like it was shot through cheesecloth, as well as the fact that it’s Tommy Wiseau saying this—but we can’t help but fantasize and/or have waking nightmares about the effects the addition of 3D might have on certain scenes. (“Oh God, that football is coming right for us!” “Oh God, Tommy Wiseau’s ass is coming right for us!” etc.) A few years ago, we would have called it entirely impossible, but the welcome reception that greeted James Franco’s The Disaster Artist suggests that the film’s nostalgic trainwreck appeal is still going strong enough to possibly merit such loving treatment.

[via Flickering Myth]


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