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You can now sort comments on The A.V. Club


Hey A.V. Club reader, commenter, and general well-wisher-

Since our migration to Kinja this past summer, many of you have politely suggested that the platform’s commenting system could use some fine-tuning. Nothing drastic, these requests have all demurred. Just the ability to sort comments in chronological order, so that I might better commune with my fellow travelers, would be a delight.


Well, we are pleased to report that the Kinja tech team has at last fulfilled that request. You can now sort comments chronologically on The A.V. Club, as well as on any other Kinja site.

For example, here is how comments appear by default—sorted by popularity, just like in life:

But now, when you click on the little down arrow in the upper right part of the thread, you can also sort them so that the Newest comments appear first, allowing you to easily find what’s been posted since last you checked. You can also sort comments so that the Oldest appear first, then read through them all like a fine novel.


In these example images, I’ve helpfully marked this new sorting tool with a screaming Porg.


It’s a small update, but we all agreed it was an important one. And as always, thanks for your patience while it was being worked out.


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