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Milo Yiannopoulos will represent himself in Simon & Schuster lawsuit, so that'll go well

(Photo: Getty Images, Lisa Maree Williams)

In the entire U.S. legal system, the biggest power move you can make—other than bringing in bags and bags of letters to Santa—is to fire your legal counsel and go rogue. It sends a very clear message that you’re someone who knows exactly what to do, has no interest in messing around, and will only be held back by professional advice. Unfortunately, it’s also an indication that you might be dangerously overconfident, and you’re willing to let your narcissism torpedo your entire case.


Anyway, Milo Yiannopoulos has reportedly split from his lawyer in his big Simon & Schuster lawsuit, with The Hill’s Will Sommer reporting that Yiannopoulos and the lawyer had some kind of “fundamental disagreement” that has made the relationship “untenable.” Naturally, Yiannopoulos—who is suing the publisher for cancelling his book deal—will now be representing himself in the $10 million lawsuit, and whether it ends up working in his favor or not, it should be pretty entertaining to watch. This also comes not long after the editor’s notes for the book were released, proving that Yiannopoulos’ editor had just about as much patience for his bullshit as the rest of us.

There’s no word on if he’s planning to bring in letters to Santa yet, though.

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