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Tom Berenger and Beau Bridges are old, farting superheroes in the Supervized trailer

This summer, the moviegoing masses will look up and shout, “Have we reached peak superhero yet?!” And Tom Berenger will look down and whisper, “[fart noise].” So it goes in the trailer for Supervized, a work of cinematic art in which Berenger, Beau Bridges, Louis Gossett Jr., and Fionnula Flanagan play elderly superheroes living in a retirement home for people with super powers. Move over, Spider-Man: Far From Home. Take a hike, Avengers: Endgame. This is the superhero blockbuster event of the summer. You will believe a superhero can get old and do farts. You will marvel at an elderly woman as her super-breath forces her dentures to go hurtling through the air and clamp down on an old man’s crotch. You will be astonished as Supervized pushes our collective obsession with superhero films to its absolute limit, daring us to flinch. This trailer is like the qualifying exam for a cinematic endurance test, the likes of which have not been experienced since my high school boyfriend forced me to sit through a double feature of Cannibal Holocaust and Nekromantik.


Here is the surprisingly detailed plot of Supervized, which hits theaters and VOD on July 19:

SUPERVIZED tells the story of an elderly group of international superheroes retired to Dunmanor nursing home in Ireland. Ray is the once world renowned ‘Maximum Justice’ who as his nom de plume suggests will fight bad with good till the cows come home. He finds it hard to accept that his hero days are over and now it’s bingo games and blanket baths. His old team consisting of trusted sidekick Ted AKA ‘Shimmy’, old flame Madera ‘Moonlight’ and rival at everything Pendle ‘Total Thunder’ are far more accepting of their undignified destiny. When Jerry, ‘Rainbow Warrior,’ dies after having his superpowers ‘downwardly managed’ for the safety of others, a federation sectioned procedure, Ray suspects foul play and decides to investigate. The rest of the gang is not so convinced, and Ray finds himself battling against not only his enemies, but the stigma and restrictions of old age.