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Getting left out of the “In Memoriam” montage is the biggest Oscar snub of all

Powers Boothe
Photo: Kelsey McNeal (ABC via Getty Images)

Every year, the Oscars feature an “In Memoriam” section to honor those in the industry who died over the past year: Not just actors, but casting directors, cinematographers, editors, producers, executives, publicists, and so on. And every year, the Academy leaves out someone so obvious that you have to scratch your head and wonder what that person did to piss off the Academy.

This year, as Eddie Vedder sang “Room At The Top” by Tom Petty—who also died this year—the Academy did its usual montage, featuring everyone from director George Romero to actor Harry Dean Stanton to composer Johann Johannsson. The last spot is usually good for a few extra points in an Oscars pool: This year, that coveted position went to Jerry Lewis, which we definitely did not see coming.


As soon as the segment wrapped up, Twitter was flooded with the names of those who were were overlooked this year: actors John Mahoney, Powers Boothe, Reg E. Cathey, Della Reese, and Batman himself, Adam West. Then there’s director Tobe Hooper, and singers Chris Cornell and also Petty, who both were featured in various soundtracks along the years. (Petty was also an occasional actor, with gigs in the 1997 Kevin Costner flick The Postman and on King Of The Hill, among others.) Although it’s obviously impossible to include everyone, seems like with such a long ceremony, it would be worth extending the montage a few more seconds so that fewer people would be left out.

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