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Hey, at least Donald Trump impersonators are thriving

“I have to vote for him,” John Di Domenico said back in March of 2016. “I don’t have a lot of choice! It would be four to eight years of more work.”

No, he’s not a coal miner. He’s a Donald Trump impersonator, and a recent competition at LA’s Laugh Factory just established him as the world’s best. But you’ve probably seen him before—Di Domenico’s been chronicled by countless news outlets for his pitch-perfect wig, practiced cadence, and ability to tailor his act to Trump’s latest peccadilloes. Now, Vice has featured him in their latest episode of FAMEish, and, hoo boy, this guy is loving life.


The documentary is pretty straightforward in how it depicts Di Domenico’s process and impersonation (which is legitimately good), but the proceedings take on a darker edge in the final minutes, when the weight and ubiquity of the last year looms over the relentless onslaught of goofy impersonations and the actor’s lighthearted comments about how he tries “not to focus on the politics.”

“He’s not going anywhere,” Di Domenico reminds us. “He’s never going to stop being part of the American landscape.”

Good for him. Bad for us.

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