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John Mulaney and Nick Kroll say Oh, Hello to (off-)Broadway

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh, Hello’s Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland are about to hit the big time. The faux-community access show created by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney is going to be produced as an off-Broadway play, starring the two actors and running in New York City for about three weeks this December.

Though there’s not much information about what the actual production will be on the Oh, Hello website, there is a rather extensive and hilarious blurb:

Fresh off the success of their hit prank show Too Much Tuna, these two Alan Alda-obsessed Upper West Side bachelors are returning to their roots in New York theatre. Having wowed audiences with past theatrical works like True Upper West and the Annie Get Your Gun inspired Bernie Goetz You Gun: A Non Musical Drama, Faizon and St. Geegland are back for a total victory lap and to premiere their new play We’re Us, You’re You, Let’s Talk. Tickets are a lot of money. Join us, won’t you? And say Oh Hello… all over again.

George and Gil have parted ways with a number of numbskull directors but are open to a real doormat if anyone wants to get walked all over. “We’re very important artists and this show’s relevance to the American theater can’t be overstated,” said Faizon and St. Geegland. “We are, however, interested in getting a cool sponsor like Dr. Brown’s Celray Soda.”

GEORGE ST. GEEGLAND (star) was born in Newark, NJ to verbally abusive parents sometime in the early mid 1940s. In 1971 he published his first novel Rifkin’s Dilemma, a real 70’s novel about masturbation and such. It has aged terribly. St Geegland taught creative writing for 12 years at SUNY Yonkers - Go Zebras! - until he was fired for stuff that is in sealed documents. Along with Gil Faizon he is the co-author and co-star of several plays as well as the hit television show Too Much Tuna as seen on Comedy Central’s Kroll Show. Spalding Gray personally disliked him and he has chapped hands.

GIL FAIZON (star) is a Tony Award viewing actor and a SAG AFTRA must leave. Faizon currently works as a stand in model for mashed potatoes and other creamed foods. So like when they’re photographing mashed potatoes Gil lies there so they can get the lighting right. His Bar Mitzvah theme was the color brown.


Tickets for the show, which takes place at the Cherry Lane Theatre, are on sale now, though, as Oh, Hello’s website notes, they’re “a lot of money.”