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Tom Sizemore was once removed from a film set for allegedly "violating" a young girl

Sizemore in 2003 (Photo: Getty Images, Frazer Harrison)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Sizemore was “told to leave” the set of Born Killers in 2003 after he allegedly touched an 11-year-old actress inappropriately. The crew was taking photos with Sizemore for a plot element that involved pictures of a wife and daughter that his character abandoned, with the 11-year-old playing his daughter and wearing a flannel nightgown in the photos. During a shot with the girl on Sizemore’s lap, he allegedly “rubbed his finger against the girl’s vagina or inserted it inside,” with the actress playing the mom character—Robyn Adamson—saying that “at one point her eyes got just huge, like she could’ve vomited.” After that, the girl “had trouble taking direction,” and when Adamson heard about what had allegedly happened, she “knew exactly what it was” that caused the girl’s reaction.

The girl told her parents shortly after, but a production manager recalls that she was so young that it “was unclear” whether or not it had actually happened or if it had been intentional. Still, the production took the allegation seriously, with producers immediately pulling Sizemore from the set and examining the photos for any sort of clues. They didn’t see anything, and the girl’s parents said that they didn’t want to take her off of the project or press charges, so Sizemore was eventually brought back to film reshoots. At the time, Sizemore said that he had “done a lot of awful things,” but he’d “never do anything with kids.” As THR notes, this came at “the height of his scandal-driven infamy,” shortly after he had been convicted of abusing his ex-girlfriend.

Apparently, though, the crew was already sick of Sizemore’s behavior, as he supposedly had a habit of “making inappropriate comments, being drunk, being high” on set. One production assistant referred to him as a “fucking sleazebag” upon hearing the allegation, and he and some other members of the crew “reached for hammers” when rumors about what had happened reached them. They had to be talked down by producer James R. Rosenthal, who was also “livid” but convinced them not to “kick the guy’s ass.”


The girl in question, who is now 26 and told THR that she didn’t want to be named, declined to offer any other details but did say that she recently hired a lawyer to explore legal action against both Sizemore and her parents.

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