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You can almost smell the blood in the red-band trailer for Raw

Although it’s not the nonstop gore-fest its screening at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival—during the course of which several audience members were carted off by paramedics—would suggest, the upcoming French cannibal horror movie Raw is still an intense experience. The movie tells the story of Justine, a freshman at a veterinary college and lifelong vegetarian who eats meat for the first time as part of a hazing ritual. The experience awakens something unspeakable deep within Justine, manifesting itself first as a painful rash, then as a frenzied sexual awakening, before evolving into a much darker compulsion.

The A.V. Club saw Raw back in September at Fantastic Fest, where we described it as a “beautifully realized, symbolically rich, and disturbingly erotic meditation on primal hungers of all kinds.” You can see some of those hungers in the newly released red-band trailer for the film, which sets up the movie’s plot while previewing director Julia Ducournau’s intoxicatingly grotesque visual sensibility.


Raw opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 10, with an expansion into more cities on March 17. You can read more about it on its official website.

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