Would you rather be John Hodgman (the author and Daily Show correspondent) or Justin Long (the second guy on the left in Waiting)? It's a tough question, I know, but one that Apple tries to address in their new genius ad campaign. By now I'm sure everyone has seen one of the "I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC" ads (my TV was off this morning and it still managed to show two), but just in case, here you go:

It probably goes without saying, but I hate these ads. At first I thought they were very smart, but upon further inspection I've concluded that no, they're actually stupid. Very, very stupid. Why? Because they've turned the product that they're selling into a smug, hoodie-wearing jerk who is constantly putting down his competition, and who carries around a copy of his own good review. Wow, I can't wait to identify with you further, Mac. The PC on the other hand, is jovial, funny, and nerdy. (Also, in addition to being a PC, he's on The Daily Show, which is apparently the career path of choice for correspondents on that show.) Aren't Macs supposed to be the cool ones? I mean, what are we selling here, Macs or PCs? These ads make about as much sense as a Coors commercial where the guy representing beer is some no-name frat boy, and the guy representing water is Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild, hero to Coors-drinkers everywhere. Anyone else hate these things?