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Trump supporter Antonio Sabato Jr. learns an important lesson in reaping what you sow

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Start tuning your tiny violins, because actor Antonio Sabato Jr.—who gave a pro-Donald Trump speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention and has publicly promoted Trump’s lies about Barack Obama being a Muslim “bad guy”—is still complaining about being “blacklisted” from Hollywood because of his political beliefs. Speaking with Variety, Sabato revealed that he “had to sell everything” to pay back his debts because he couldn’t get work as an actor after 2016, explaining that all of his agents and managers left him and that he was cut from a “reality TV competition series.”


This is pretty much the same thing he said immediately after his appearance at the convention, when he whined that it was “like Communism” for directors and managers to not work with him. He even tried to launch a political career in 2017, but it went about as well as his acting career (i.e., poorly).

Since then, things have gotten so bad for Sabato that he “decided to relocate to Florida” and had no choice but to get a job in construction to support his family. “I go on the job at two in the morning, and I’m making sure that the job is controlled and supervised by me,” he explained. “I’m in the car all day, driving, going through all the sites. Five days a week, nonstop.”

Oh, dear! This poor, poor man! How could something as unbelievably nightmarish as getting a normal fucking job happen to… hold on, IMDb is loading… the star of Bad Girl Island and Shark Hunter? This man was on The Bold And The Beautiful and General Hospital and Earth 2 and Joey, and Hollywood’s going to chew him up and spit him out after a 30-year career just because he supports a fascist regime and also because that’s literally what Hollywood does to 99 percent of the people who try to become actors? How dare they!

But let’s engage with this with some professionalism and ignore the fact that the arc of Sabato’s career has barely changed since 2016 (it’s hard to go lower when you’re already not in many things). He says that a “distribution company” told him to his face that it would never work on a movie he appeared in because of his “affiliation with the president,” and he explained to Variety that “the power that makes movies happen in Hollywood” is “all liberal” and that they “hate anyone or anything who supports this president.” (Which is weird, because we thought all of Hollywood’s liberal leanings were an act anyway.) That being said, he knows there are secret Trumpers in Hollywood who are just scared of admitting who they really are. “They won’t want to be talked about and fired from movie sets,” he says, adding, “This is serious.”

You’re damn right it’s serious! How cold would someone have to be to think this story—about a a guy who was in soap operas 15 years ago blaming his inability to get an acting job on his stupid political beliefs—is anything but serious? We would never make light of Antonio Sabato Jr.’s horrible job driving around construction sites in Florida, which he had to take after a 30-year acting career where (we assume) he was paid literally no money. But hey, at least Sabato can take solace in the fact that these struggles have only solidified his blind faith in his Republican god-king, with him telling Variety that he’s still going to vote for Trump in November and that he thinks Trump will win by “100 million votes.” Considering Trump didn’t even get 63 million in 2016, winning by 100 million seems… laughable. Hey, just like the rest of this very serious story!