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In yet another installment of “protests that make you lose money while failing to impact anything,” The Daily Beast is reporting that a number of trollish Trump supporters attempted to steal Hillary Clinton’s thunder this week by preventing her book, What Happened, from debuting at number one on Amazon. The ingenious plan involved a bunch of Trump-supporting 4chan and Reddit users purchasing Trump’s 2016 book Great Again: How To Fix Our Crippled America—something they undoubtedly already own—in order to push it to the top of the list and edge out Clinton’s memoir.

“I’m gonna send a copy to my #resist crazy aunt,” wrote one user from r/The_Donald, the meme-obsessed Donald Trump subreddit. “She’s gonna be so triggered.” Oh, how glorious this trolling would have been, with Trump supporters all across the nation huddled in their homes, surrounded by stacks and stacks of copies of the same book, eating dry canned tuna with a fork because they spent all their food money on Amazon, quietly smirking to themselves, “Triggered much, libs?”


But due to a classic mix-up that can only occur when you’re so tired of winning, a number of Reddit users bought the wrong book, instead getting a copy of Time To Get Tough: Making America Great Again! and thus both books failed to break the top eight on Tuesday. What Happened debuted at number one and, at the time of this article, is still there.

Of course, some users claimed the plan was failed from the start. “They’ll just change the book sales listings to meet whatever agenda they want,” one commenter argued, reminding everyone that Amazon’s Best Seller list is the fakest news of all. Still others managed to shoot themselves in both feet before the plan even got off the ground. “I fucked up and bought Art Of The Deal on Thursday,” wrote one patriot.


Which lucky corporation will profit next from the Trump Train’s epic trolling tactics? Stay tuned to America to find out.