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Yet another grown woman has been arrested for pretending to be a teenage student

Somehow this marks the second time this has happened in the span of a single month

Drew Barrymore, accidentally inspiring a future wave of undercover high schoolers.
Drew Barrymore, accidentally inspiring a future wave of undercover high schoolers.
Screenshot: Movieclips Classic Trailers

Less than a month ago, we covered the story of Audrey Francisquini, a 28-year-old who was arrested for dressing up like a high schooler in an inspired but deeply misguided attempt to boost her Instagram follower count. Now, somehow, yet another adult has found herself in trouble with the law for pretending to be a student at her daughter’s school.


There are a few differences between Francisquini and her successor, Casey Garcia. For instance: Garcia is 30, not 28, and she infiltrated a school in Texas, not Florida. The most important thing that sets the two apart, though, is that Garcia says she dressed up like a 13-year-old in order to, as Vice reports, make the “point that the school needed better security to protect the kids from a mass shooting.”

Garcia set out to accomplish this mission by dressing up like she was one of the students in her daughter’s middle school. She managed to make it almost the entire day (wearing a face mask and being only four feet eleven inches probably helped) before getting caught by a teacher during the last class of the afternoon, and documented a bunch of her big day out on video.

After she was found out, Garcia was “charged with criminal trespassing and tampering with government records.” She later released another video with the fairly explanatory title, “Why I posed as my 13 year old daughter. A raw but real answer.” Basically, Garcia says, the point wasn’t to spend a day as a seventh grader “for shits and giggles” but to show firsthand how lax the security is at her kid’s school—and how little attention anyone pays to the students.

The school in question has since told press that it’s going over its security measures, which, we guess, means Garcia’s plan worked. Still, as this latest story shows, the country desperately needs to address how deeply the comedy sub-genre of “adult pretends to be teenager at school” has wormed its way into the national psyche. Perhaps reissues of Never Been Kissed, 21 Jump Street, and that 30 Rock episode need to open with a clearly stated warning not to imitate their plot lines. It’s only responsible at this point.

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