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Fox bringing back Breaking In

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Television’s fear of letting go of Christian Slater has convinced Fox to revive Breaking In, the well-received though frequently mistreated sitcom about the gang at a high-tech security firm. Like only Family Guy before it, this marks the second resurrection for the show, which began as one of the network’s most anticipated pilots before being banished to mid-season, then dropping off the schedule entirely. During the recent TCAs, Fox’s Kevin Reilly continued this abusive relationship by hinting that the show could eventually come back as “stranger things have happened,” which is the sort of frustratingly noncommittal stuff Fox always says, and yet shows keep coming back there, even though all of their friends say they can do better.


Nevertheless, it seems stranger things did happen, so now Breaking In will get another shot at a 13-episode run in this mid-season, with all of the cast returning—even Odette Anable, whose upcoming series regular duties on House apparently won’t interfere. The new deal with co-creator Adam F. Goldberg also includes a commitment to a new family comedy he’s developing that’s set in the 1980s (which definitely seems to be in style right now). Although, given the way that Fox has toyed with him so far, he maybe shouldn’t tell his parents yet or anything.