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Comedy Central ill-advisedly announces new Bobby Moynihan Thundercats parody cartoon on April 1

We're like 99 percent sure that Moynihan's new animated show Lightning Wolves is real, but that last 1 percent is killing us

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Lightning Wolves, allegedly
Lightning Wolves, allegedly
Image: Comedy Central

Short of the midst of an especially busy Comic-Con, there are few days more tiring for the staffers of your humble Newswire desk than April 1, the day we have all, for some reason, decided it’s okay to just go ahead and Say Shit, and if someone believes you, welp, that’s their problem, bub.

In a universe where objective reality has already gotten fairly close to sluicing down the toilet for good, it’s enough to make a normal mind drift towards paranoia. For instance: Is Comedy Central really launching a new online animated show called Lightning Wolves, which is a direct parody of Thundercats, and which is written by and starring Bobby Moynihan?


Any other day we’d say, “Hey, sure! Funny enough idea. Main character’s called Wolfi-O? Why not?” But on The Lying Day, all must be suspect. Like, sure, the email we got about this is from the official Comedy Central press account, but that’s the same place where they’ve been pushing something called Fairview, a show so ugly we’re reasonably convinced it can’t exist, so...

For whatever it’s worth, said release included a statement from Moynihan himself, stating that, Lightning Wolves is an homage to all those cartoons from the 80's we loved as kids. Thundercats, He-Man and She-Ra, G.I. Joe, Voltron, Silverhawkscartoons that were packed full of important life lessons while secretly selling toys to children. But this one has lots of cursing.” (Meanwhile, Moynihan hasn’t mentioned the show on his Twitter account yet. Why not? What does he have to hide?!)


The guest star roster on this thing is admittedly pretty packed with Moynihan’s various comedy friends, including appearances from Eugene Cordero, Donald Faison, Sofia Gonzalez, Taran Killam, Will McLaughlin, Griffin Newman, Lennon Parham, Nicole Parker, Connor Ratliff, Ben Schwartz, Jimmi Simpson, and Cobie Smulders. But were these names genuinely attached to the show, or simply pulled from the cast lists of our favorite podcasts? No one knows! It’s April Fools!

Anyway: Lightning Wolves will or won’t debut on Comedy Central Animated’s YouTube channel and Facebook page on April 15th.