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Trump doesn't even want your dumb Time Person Of The Year Award, anyway

(Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Invoking a little bit of leftover holiday magic, Donald Trump got to participate in his favorite activity on the planet today, issuing a tweet in which he simultaneously denegrated the news media, while also getting to humble brag about what an impressive, important boy he’s finally become. Trump hopped on Twitter this afternoon for a dose of presidential sour grapes, informing followers and hate-followers alike that the only reason he won’t be Time magazine’s Person Of The Year for the second year running is that he just can’t even be bothered with that sort of stuff anymore.


Besides pettily insisting (as he did last year, when he was named 2016's Person Of An Increasingly Shitty Year) that the award should be called “Man Of The Year”—even though it hasn’t been since 1999—Trump stated that he’s just too darn busy for the photo shoot and interview that would accompany the honor. And hey, we get it; after all, we here at The A.V. Club were actually offered Person Of The Year even before Trump was, but we turned it down, too, because it was going to cut into our precious time with our awesome Canadian girlfriend, who we definitely met at camp.

On the practical side of things, meanwhile, it’s not like Trump needs Time’s endorsement to be on the magazine’s cover; when it doubt, he can always just make one of his own and hang it up.

Update: Time has now outright denied that it asked Trump about making him Person Of The Year for the second time running:


Meanwhile, here’s a few people dunking on him, just for fun:


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