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Urban cowboy Jon Stewart saves runaway bull in New York

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Continuing the transformation into—or possibly just revelation of—Jon Stewart’s post-Daily Show secret identity as a sort of wrasslin’, cattle-rustling superhero, the former Comedy Central host made headlines this week when he assisted in the relocation of a runaway bull roaming the streets of New York. Dubbed “Frank Lee” by the reference-loving people of the Big Apple, the bull broke free from a truck that was transporting it to the slaughterhouse on Friday.

Sadly, this story doesn’t involve Stewart—presumably taking a break from his usual day, walking wounded veterans across the street and foiling bank robberies—lassoing the loose animal and riding it through Central Park, a hootin’ and a hollerin’. Instead, the retired host got involved after the NYPD subdued the animal, stepping in on behalf of his and his wife’s Farm Sanctuary animal protection group. Stewart apparently drove up from New Jersey to personally secure the animal from the shelter where it was being kept. Farm Sanctuary later posted a video of the animal residing on Stewart’s farm on its Facebook page, showing the comedian feeding it some hay, and breaking his long-held vow to avoid contributing to the production of bullshit.

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