Hey You Guys: I just got the following email alert from the good folks over at Allhiphop.com (good looking out): "No Limit Records head Master P. will mark Independence Day with the release of Repos, a new DVD released on his HollyHood Cinema production company. The film, which stars P. Kat Williams, A.J. Johnson and Michael Blackston, is the first of 100 DVD movies the rapper will release by 2007. Each DVD will include a free CD soundtrack. "If I had to compare any of my movies to any movies out there I would compare them to Uptown Saturday Night; it's funny, it has a great cast, and it's meaningful," Master P. told AllHipHop.com. Repos, slated for release on July 4, will be available at retail stores, including Blockbuster, Wal-Mart and Target. For more information on the movie, visit reposthemovie.com." Now usually Master P's instincts as an artist and a businessman are flawless but I can't help but think he might be overreaching with this one. I can easily see Master P churning out seventy to seventy-five funny, meaningful straight-to-DVD movies with great casts by the year 2007 but 100 seems like a mighty tall order. I hope I'm just worrying needlessly but I can really see the 80th or 90th movie in this series suffering from major third-act problems, unfocussed performances and workmanlike direction. I also wonder if P will continue to snag A-list, household-name talent like P. Kat Williams, A.J. Johnson and Michael Blackston for each of these movies. If big names like Williams, Johnson and Blackston aren't available he may be reduced to casting second-tier stand-up comedians or journeyman actors nobody's ever heard of. Again, I hope I'm worrying needlessly. I'm just worried that if P goes through with his exceedingly reasonable, feasible, not-at-all deluded plan his name will no longer be synonymous with rigorous quality control and top-notch product. I fear that unless P and Hollyhood Entertainment scale back their plans P will someday will be known more for quantity than quality. What are your thoughts, dear readers? Am I worrying needlessly? Or should P reexamine his big scheme? What movies would you like to see P and company make/remake? Discuss.