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Illustration for article titled Behold: a ski lodge made entirely of White Claw
Photo: Daniel Berehulak (Getty Images)

If you live an intense White Claw lifestyle , it looks like Spokane, Washington might be your next travel destination. Nevermind the city’s absolutely terrifying law enforcement introduced by Headlong’s Running from COPS podcast. This city has a goddamn ski lodge build up entirely of White Claw cases. Sure, it’s fake and located inside of a grocery store, but you can literally walk inside this faux-ski lodge and twirl around in awe as you completely submit yourself to the hard seltzer flavorings of watered-down Ruby Grapefruit or Mango, as an entourage of your friends can help you pick out a case of America’s favorite subtly tasting alcoholic beverage.

The ski lodge is undoubtedly impressive and comes equipped with an electric heater, is dressed in fake snow, bears a sign that points to the direction of the variety of flavors White Claw has to offer, and hilariously, was built by employees at a Safeway with no direction from upper management or the hard seltzer company themselves. That’s some true devotion to the Claw we’ve only seen in the Pacific Northwest. Good job, Washington.


[Via Geekologie]

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