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As predicted, the "Fuck it" phase of Eddie Murphy's career is now in full swing, and what a spectacularly overblown phase it is. To promote the multi-Eddie-Murphyed film Meet Dave, someone thought it would be a really great idea to construct a frighteningly large replica of Eddie Murphy's head, place it on a dolly, and send it on a tour of the United States. What? Yes.

From ET:

In 'Meet Dave,' which opens on July 11, Dave Ming Chang (Eddie) is a newcomer to New York City who doesn't quite fit in — the main reason being that "Dave" is actually a ship made in the image of its miniature captain!

If you want to 'Meet Dave,' you can check out the traveling head yourself as it makes its way around the United States, ending up in Times Square for 4th of July weekend!

Illustration for article titled Giant Head Of Eddie Murphy Slouches Towards Times Square

Apart from saying, "Do I have to do anything? No? Well, then fuck it. Do whatever you want," the man who owns the face that is the inspiration for this one-man portable Mount Rushmore of crappy comedy, Eddie Murphy, isn't really involved. Leaving only poor Gabrielle Union as the Giant Eddie Murphy Head's de facto ambassador, traveling with the freakish cranium to explain to the various townspeople that, despite appearances, the Giant Eddie Murphy Head is not a large beast sent to terrorize their livestock, trample their fields so grain can no longer grow there, and leave a trail of crushed homes in its thunderous, ever-smiling wake.

"You have nothing to fear from the Giant Eddie Murphy Head, for He is a merciful Giant Eddie Murphy Head," Union will yell from the threshold of the ear-door to the cowering throngs of people lining the streets as the towering God-Head is wheeled through village after village. "Place your offerings near His neck, and the Giant Eddie Murphy Head will protect your town from the virulent, terrible Meet Dave plague now sweeping the land."

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