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Here's Killer Mike rapping about mass incarceration on last night's South Park

Photo: Alli Harvey / Getty Images

This latest season of South Park has been a spotty one, but last night’s episode was a sign that things may be on the upswing. Our own Dan Caffrey praised the half-hour’s focus on story over moral (as well as its fart jokes), but there’s another reason it stood out: Killer Mike.

The Run the Jewels member and Bernie Sanders cohort popped by the show’s snowbound town to drop a brand new verse from the perspective of a senior citizen rotting away in a nursing home. “In here nobody knows you by your name, you’re just a number living by the bitch-ass rules of a broken game,” he raps. “They put me here to die and left me angry and alone/ For the crime of being old they threw me in this nursing home.” Hear it below.


Killer Mike has been outspoken on a number of issues, from police brutality and inequality to opioid addiction and incarceration, the issues discussed in last night’s episode. Just look at Run the Jewels’ video for “Don’t Get Captured,” for example, which tackled the disproportionate sentences being handed down by our courts.

And hey, it looks like Trey Parker and Matt Stone found at least a few national issues we can discuss without bringing Trump into it.

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