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How To Have A Memorable Talk Show Appearance

Yesterday, The Sound Of Young America unearthed this eleven-year-old clip of Norm MacDonald on Late Night With Conan O'Brien–an appearance that demands your attention if you either a.) Enjoy funny things b.) Haven't heard an intentionally bad talk show anecdote in a while, c.) Miss Melrose Place, d.) Never liked Melrose Place and ten years later would still enjoy watching one of its stars squirm, or e.) Any combination of the above.


This clip is a great comedy artifact, but it also could be seen as an educational primer for celebrities preparing for late night talk show appearances.

As demonstrated in the clip, here's how to have a memorable late night talk show appearance that people will still be talking about 11 years later:

1. Stick around for the other guest's interview.

2. Embarrass the host at every possible opportunity.

3. Interrupt the other guest's interview to tell an anecdote that goes absolutely nowhere.

4. If the guest has made dubious career choices, by all means, call him/her out on it. Loudly. And repeatedly.

5. Interrupt with a joke, then give an unnecessary explanation of that joke.

6. In order to make all of the above funny instead of hopelessly annoying, if at all possible, be Norm MacDonald.


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