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If You're Going To See One Drama Inspired By T.A.T.U. This Year, Make It This One

How many times have you been sitting around watching Heavenly Creatures and thought to yourself, "I wonder what this movie would be like if it took place in and around the cheesy clubs of present-day Moscow? Oh, and if the two girls were obsessed with teenage faux-lesbian Russian pop stars T.a.T.u., and one of the girls was Mischa Barton doing her best impression of Natasha from Rocky & Bullwinkle? And if, maybe at one point, the other girl said to Mischa, in all seriousness, 'I took one of your poems, I made it into a song, and I posted it on YouTube,' and also the Internet was depicted as a bunch of neon lines connecting online profiles?" Never?

Well, someone (Roland Joffe) has been reading the thoughts in your mind that you never had and making them into a movie called You And I:

(Originally this movie was called Finding T.a.T.u.. Yes, that is a better title.)

When Mischa Barton was killed off of The O.C. a few years ago, it was unclear which path her career would take. But now it appears she has chosen the Elizabeth Berkley path. You And I is clearly Barton's Showgirls. Yes, the movie looks terrible. Yes, the emotional backbone of the movie is the music and story of a Russian pop duo who sound like The Chipmunks on helium underwater. Yes, it appears that Mischa Barton is overacting her little fake-Russian heart out. But You And I looks like the kind of ridiculous, campy terrible that can fuel cult status. Hopefully, in a few years, Barton will be hosting Grow That Garden! on Bravo, and "What is crib?" will be quoted at slumber parties all over the nation.


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