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Inspirational modder remakes the entire Friends set, then walks around punching people in it

What good is technology if we don’t use it to better ourselves as a species? That was likely the question running through the mind of Reddit user duncsmaps while they spent an untold amount of time recreating the entire apartment set from Friends using the Far Cry 5 engine. Upon completion of their masterwork, duncsmaps did the only logical thing a true visionary would think to do with such a creation: They ran around punching everybody and breaking things.


While the representations of the characters themselves aren’t the most accurate, the mirrored apartments sharing the same hallway are unquestionably the ones from the show, albeit with the fourth wall intact. From the absurdly spacious living room in Monica and Rachel’s place, to the bro-pad vibe of Chandler and Joey’s, complete with a pet duck that gets an unceremonious shotgun blast to the face.

Nowhere in duncsmaps comments on their Reddit post is it made clear why they did this. But, at the end of the day, great art needs no explanation. It is simply there for us to enjoy, to sit in awe of, and to be inspired by.

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