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Jamie Foxx Defines "Charisma"

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"It's not the way America has handled the war, it's the way George Bush has handled it," Jamie Foxx said. "I think George Bush and the guys that are there, just don't have the charisma to pull off the things that they're trying to do. I can understand if you want to go to war, but how do you go to war? They go to war in a high-risk, high-return or high-risk, no return in this situation. You'll be in Iraq for another 30 years. You can't get out."


I think Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is making an interesting point here: It's not a well-thought out plan or workable exit strategy or even basic knowledge of the region that President Bush lacks, it's charisma. See, if President Bush simply had a bit more charm, a smidge more of that certain je ne sais quoi, then he would totally be able to pull off the whole Iraq war thing–Not only that, but Bush would be well on his way to becoming America's Next Top Model!

Based on the above quote, here are a few other things that Jamie Foxx probably thinks would help President Bush pull off invading, destroying, and then rebuilding another country:


—Zest for life

—A killer impersonation of Ray Charles

—Animal magnetism

—Awesome sunglasses

—The ability to do magic but, like, for real (Though, this actually would help. A lot.)

—A Rolls Royce Phantom

—The knowledge that he is special, unique person.

—Buckets and buckets of personality.

—A personal mantra of some kind.

—That, you know, swagger.