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Look, we get that John Krasinski is probably sick at this point of having every role he takes get compared with Jim Halpert, the floppy-haired smartass he played for nine seasons on NBC’s The Office. But it’s not our fault that the teaser for Krasinki’s new Amazon terrorist drama, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, opens with him smirking at a cute blonde and trying to impress her with self-deprecating humor; it’s such a Jim move that it’s hard to see him as anybody else, no matter how much spy shit he does

Luckily, Wendell Pierce is on hand to toss out some non-primtime-friendly vulgarities and get people’s asses in motion, forcing Krasinski’s Ryan to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to trying to stop the next Osama bin Laden. Going off of the teaser—released today at New York Comic-Con—Jack Ryan is much more Homeland than 24 in it’s tone, though; Ryan’s an analyst after all, not an action hero. (Yet, anyway.)


Jack Ryan debuts on Amazon some time next year.

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