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Now you can potentially have sex where HQ Scott has also potentially had sex

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If you’ve been wanting to sleep on a mattress formerly owned by HQ Trivia host Scott “Quiz Daddy” Rogowsky, today may be your lucky day: A Craigslist post from a man claiming to be the love-him-or-tolerate-him host’s former roommate is advertising just that.

“I was Scott Rogowsky’s roommate for a few years... until he pretended to move to LA,” the seller writes. “Then my girlfriend moved in. She’s on his bed in one of these photos. Scott was going to take it with him, got too busy hosting a game show and doing a million interviews, so we get to sell it.”


The seller provides a photo of himself standing in a kitchen where Rogowsky was once interviewed by the local news, and indeed Rogowsky seems to have tweeted confirmation that this is indeed the Quiz Daddy’s former mattress:

Another sign that the mattress actually once belonged to Rogowsky? A sheet of paper in one of the photos that reads “DO NOT SIT. COMFORTER COVERED IN SEMEN. Should be called a cumforter.” It would appear even Rogowsky’s formerly owned stuff comes drenched in puns (and possibly semen depending on how much you want to trust the sign.) Whether or not this particular mattress has seen the use of one of Rogowsky’s infamous extra-snug “Iron Grip” condoms is not entirely clear.

The mattress, which can be yours for $600 (or about 100 winning efforts at HQ, depending on the game), is a queen-sized Rapture model from Classic Brands, and also comes with a pillow top. It’s worth noting that a brand-new queen-sized Rapture goes for $295.94 with Prime shipping on Amazon, but no game show host will have either slept or maybe had sex on it.


If you’re in the market for a used mattress on Craigslist, HQ Scott’s is available now in Brooklyn. Pickup only, please.

[via New York]


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