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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Many have tried, but CNN and YouTube have finally found a way to shove the 2008 presidential election into the information age while appealing to younger, Internet-savvy voters, and totally capturing, then mercilessly throttling the life out of, the user-generated-content zeitgeist. Their idea: Presidential debates with questions submitted via YouTube videos! OMG! It's a concept that gives young people in America the chance to voice their opinions and concerns to potential leaders, while at the same time expressing themselves creatively–like, say, by using a Snuggle bear to ask a serious question about gays in the military, or by asking a question while wearing a viking helmet because those things are sooo freakin' hilarious!

To quote YouTube user nrrox653, "LOL STUPID VID." Still, if this video is any indication, this debate is sure to inspire more than its fair share of memorable moments: like the moment when Barack Obama blinks for a full 60 seconds in order to prevent himself from rolling his eyes at how stupid this idea is; or the moment when something crushes inside Mitt Romney's fragile thinking complex and he can no longer produce the required bit of mirthless laughter at the 4th video of a cat asking about an Iraq exit strategy; or the moment when Hillary Clinton's eyes darken with the realization that she could win or lose the Democratic nomination for president of the United States based on how she answers a question from a Kermit The Frog hand-puppet.


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