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A few weeks ago, in an interview with the New York Observer, SNL head honcho Lorne Michaels copped to being a big fan of YouTube, despite NBC's well-documented YouTube clip yanking campaign.

"I think that YouTube is great, because if you do something like 'Dick in a Box,' someone in Pakistan can see it," said Mr. Michaels in a phone interview.

But Michaels', and the SNL writers room's love of YouTube goes a lot deeper than that. As evidenced by this sketch from last Saturday's show, SNL doesn't just see YouTube as a mere instrument for gaining the all too important Some-Guy-In-Pakistan demographic, instead SNL sees YouTube as a comedic goldmine–the place to go when you're trying to find something funny to put on television:

Someone in Pakistan is totally going to watch that today. Well, until NBC yanks it. How long do you think it'll be before NBC makes YouTube remove all clips of a sketch that is made up almost entirely of YouTube clips?


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