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Sorry, but Dennis Miller already bowed out from writing any mean Michelle Wolf jokes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We hate to spoil the excitement of Dennis Miller fans who jumped out of bed at dawn this morning in their footie pajamas, but those supremely cutting jokes he promised to write about White House Correspondents Dinner host Michelle Wolf probably aren’t coming today.

You see, about 18 hours after Miller’s declaration on Twitter this past Sunday that he would need a solid 72 hours to come up with a truly biting conservative-leaning roast based on thorough research into Wolf’s background, he backed out on Facebook:


He’s since been tweeting about hockey. Although, given that Kanye West has been doing a very bad job of keeping quiet over the past week or so, maybe Miller’s Facebook post was a coded message designed to deflect attention while he crafts the perfect zinger in his joke lab. If that’s the case, he has by EOD to tweet it out. Er, or maybe tomorrow:


Sometime. Dennis Miller will have a perfect joke that will send liberals so deep into their feelings that they’ll be smothered by their own sensitivity sometime. Just as soon as Donald Trump releases his tax returns.