A while back, I told you about The Times They Are A-Changin', an event that represents the horrific, highly disturbing convergence of three totally incongruous elements: Bob Dylan, Broadway, and "a ragtag bunch of clowns and performers."

It's something that Dylan himself has called, "The best presentation of my songs I have seen or heard on any stage. It had a hold on me from start to finish."

I had my doubts, but after seeing this rousing performance on The View yesterday, I have to agree with Dylan.

(Clip courtesy of BWE.tv)

Ok, so maybe it's not fair to judge the entire musical based on this one performance. I mean, it is just a 4-minute romp on The View, which is basically the definition of "out of context."

I'm sure that taken as part of a whole, in context, zombie clowns on exercise balls bouncing around a guy in suspenders with a carboard guitar make perfect sense.

A dream sequence, maybe? A nightmare? Or perhaps it's what a drunk choreographer for a touring production of Moving Out sees after hitting his head on a grand piano and blacking out?

There has to be some kind of explanation.