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Screenshot: Firmament (Cyan, Inc.)

Cyan, the game studio founded by designers Rand and Robyn Miller and responsible for stumping puzzle fans throughout the ’90s with the monumental Myst series, made a strong comeback in 2016 with Obduction, its first original adventure game in ages. After a year spent bringing that worthy Myst throwback to various platforms and VR headsets, Cyan today announced its next project, and—surprise, surprise—it’s another first-person puzzle game with a seemingly abandoned world and a one-word title.

This one’s called Firmament, and all we know so far is that it’ll be taking players on “a monumental voyage through four diverse and curious realms where you work in concert with an ever-present clockwork companion, under the guidance of a long-dead, ethereal mentor.” You can get a look at that companion in the game’s debut trailer, which is suitably mysterious and puzzle-like for a Myst-style game, full of ominous hints of what has, and will, happen to this place. It also provides a glimpse at a bit of the game’s world, specifically an extremely steampunky bunker tucked within a frozen, mountainous landscape.


Cyan hasn’t yet provided a release date or even announced platforms for Firmament. The YouTube description for the trailer calls it “a new VR experience,” but it’s possible that, like Obduction, it could destined for both headsets and plain old screens.

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