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There are now officially three Snow White movies in development

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The “contemporized revival of Snow White” trend hypothetically captivating future audiences now officially includes Disney’s The Order Of The Seven, which joins next year’s rival Snow White projects Snow White And The Huntsman, the needs-to-pick-a-title-already Tarsem Singh version, and even ABC’s Once Upon A Time in the fairy-tale fray of magical, mutually assured destruction. Of course, as anyone knows who has been following the inexplicably exponential spawning of Snow White-related things of late, Disney had plans to update Snow White—a property it basically made in the first place—since at least 2002, bringing in writers like novelist Michael Chabon and, most recently, Toy Story 3’s Michael Arndt to update the story under the working title Snow And The Seven.

It’s Arndt’s most recent script that will form the basis of the film that's due to shoot early next year under commercial and visual effects guy Michael Gracey, who's making his feature debut. And the new title emphasizes the film’s focus away from Snow White, centering on a group of disgraced 19th-century warriors from various countries, each with their own unique fighting styles, who band together to protect an Englishwoman from an “ancient evil.” It also completely jettisons the words “Snow White” in an attempt to convince you that you’re not seeing yet another Snow White project, not really. (In fact, maybe it’s more like The Seven Samuraiwhich is also getting a remake.) But you will know better.