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VH1 Casting

I was on the VH1 website earlier (don't ask) when I came across a thing that is more mythical than unicorns or the lost continent of Atlantis, The VH1 Casting Call.

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Previously, I thought that the VH1 casting department (if such a thing exists, like the Loch Ness monster it is endlessly debatable) consisted of two people: one who tracked down has-beens in need of money with the ruthlessness of a bloodhound (for

Celebrity Fit Club, The Surreal Life, Hogan Knows Best, etc.), and another who pulled people off the street who happened to be strolling by the VH1 offices (for I Love The _______ , Awesomely Bad ______ , 50 _____ _____ _____, Can't Get A Date, and the other 75% of VH1's programming). Here's my question: When the whole talking head thing finally crawls into a field and dies (which I have faith will happen someday), and when people finally get tired of watching unrecognizable has-beens live together, what will VH1 become? To recap: It's transitioned from videos for old fogies, to nostaglia for younger fogies, to 40 Lists Of The Most Awesomely Awesome Lists, to Making Fun Of Celebrities In The Most Obvious Ways Ever, to creepy reality dating. Any suggestions for what comes next? (By the way, VH1 is banking on reality shows about undiscovered white rappers, and expensive weddings, being the next things for you to watch for the sole purpose of getting angry.)

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