Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Wikipedia is a grand intellectual experiment being conducted by countless people across the globe, attempting to corral the world’s information into usable articles. But crowd-sourcing is not infallible—how else would it have resulted in another Zach Braff film?—and so a new series on Facebook called Wiki What? tasks celebrities with editing their own Wikipedia pages.

It’s against site rules for people to edit their own pages, though, so a third-party moderator is called in to help in the form of Last Week Tonight writer (and self-styled “Wikipediatrician”) Josh Gondelman. First up is Silicon Valley vet T.J. Miller, who continues the unhinged comic stylings of his recent stand-up debut, wheeling in his wife as a citation and declaring humanity’s fear of death moot. There is also a lot of talk of ghosts.

Future installments are slated to feature Kate Upton, Danny McBride, and Game Of Thrones’ John Bradley-West, a.k.a. Samwell Tarly, who can hopefully clear up why he took credit for Gilly’s discovery in the season finale. That shit was fucked.