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Anna Kendrick, Elmo, and Looney Tunes headline HBO Max's first slate of trailers

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Today, it was revealed that HBO Max, the streaming arm of WarnerMedia that isn’t HBO Go and HBO Now, will join the streaming arms race on May 27. It will debut with all of HBO’s shows and movies, as well as a surplus of content from WarnerMedia properties like Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, CNN, and TNT, not to mention film studios including New Line, Studio Ghibli, and DC. On top of that will be the streamer’s slate of original content, the likes of which you can get your first look at thanks to a handful of new trailers.


Curated to demonstrate the breadth of HBO Max’s output, the trailers include a timely documentary, a few reality shows, content for kids, and its rebooted take on Looney Tunes.

There’s also Love Life, an original series starring Anna Kendrick and produced by Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. A millennial riff on Sex And The City, the series follows Kendrick’s Darby as she dates a bunch of hunky guys in New York City and chastises her friends for using phrases like “dick wagon.” Not reinventing the wheel here, but a rom-com’s a rom-com.

Also on deck is On The Record, a documentary about the sexual assault allegations against media mogul Russell Simmons that was the subject of controversy earlier this year when Oprah Winfrey stepped down as an executive producer, citing issues with the film itself and not the accusations.

Directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (The Invisible War) focuses primarily on Drew Dixon, the music executive who was one of the first to come forward with her allegations against Simmons, but it also folds in the journeys of accusers Sil Lai Abrams and Sheri Sher. Before Winfrey pulled her support, it was planned to premiere on Apple TV.

Legendary, meanwhile, is a competition series centered around the underground ballroom community that will pit voguing teams against each other in shows of dance and fashion. Celebrity judges include Law Roach, Jameela Jamil, Leiomy Maldonado, and Megan Thee Stallion.

A reality competition aimed at children, Craftopia tasks kids with cutting, glittering, and crocheting their way to a $5,000 prize. It’s hosted by Canadian YouTuber and crafter extraordinaire Lauren “LaurDIY” Riihimaki.

Well, it’s Looney Tunes, but, you know, with meta jokes about streaming services and smartphones. Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, and more are here to enrapture an entirely new generation of kiddos.

Elmo and Cookie Monster are Conan and Andy Richter on the Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo, a talk show for kids that will feature guests like Jimmy Fallon, Jason Sudeikis, the Jonas Brothers, Kacey Musgraves, and John Mulaney, as well as other Sesame Street favorites.

HBO Max launches on May 27. Those who already have HBO Now subscriptions through the network will have access to HBO Max at no additional cost. Viewers who have HBO via AT&T’s TV service or Charter Communications will be automatically upgraded to HBO Max. 

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