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Antoine Fuqua might remake Scarface after all

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Looks like Antoine Fuqua might get to add Scarface to his list of remakes after all—Deadline reports the Magnificent Seven director is back in talks with Universal Pictures to helm a reimagining of the rags-to-mounds-of-cocaine story.

Fuqua, who recently adapted his 2001 film Training Day for a short-lived CBS drama, had to back out of the Scarface remake last year due to scheduling conflicts with his Equalizer sequel. He’s not the only director to reconsider (or be reconsidered); Jackie helmer Pablo Larraín was Universal’s pick back in 2014. Then there was David Yates (of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fame), and finally, Suicide Squad’s David Ayer, the latter of whom is still pitching in on the script along with Jonathan Herman and Joel and Ethan Coen. But Fuqua is the only one to return to the bargaining table, thanks in part to The Equalizer 2 being in post-production and the Scarface remake quietly coming off Universal’s schedule.


There is some bad news, though, assuming you think a delay in this remake’s release is bad: Diego Luna’s involvement is now up in the air.