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Audio: We chat with ZODIAC_MF about the Sons Of Anarchy finale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Longtime A.V. Club readers might remember Zodiac Motherfucker (better known as ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER), one of our first, loudest, and most prolific commenters. His divisive views on ownage alternately enraged and delighted his fellow commenters, and he certainly left a mark wherever he went. He’s one of a small number of readers we’ve spent some real-world time interacting with, and he even made it into a few articles over the years.

Anyway, ZMF doesn’t haunt our hallways much anymore (though he’s pretty active on Twitter), but we’ve kept in touch, so I knew he was keeping up with Sons Of Anarchy. After the series finale last night, we had a Skype chat about how things wrapped up. (We were going to be joined by Zack Handlen, but he was busy writing an actual review.) Listen to our chat below if you want to know what scene in Sons made Zodiac cry, and whether the series as a whole is optional or not optional. Warning: This is probably fans-only material, meaning Sons Of Anarchy or Zodiac Motherfucker fans. Or fans of listening to two dudes—one very sleepy, one drunk—talk about a halfway-decent TV series. Enjoy.