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The hottest bootleg video right now, the one that is being spread out on blankets on all the street corners in all of America's Chinatowns right now, isn't Superman Returns or Pirates Of The Carribean 2 or even Madea's Family Reunion, it's this: the Scientology Orientation Video, recorded on minicam by one of Jossip's undercover operatives (i.e. some blogger). You can watch the whole half-hour thing here, but below are two of my favorite clips: The first one is great for many reasons, but mostly because it illustrates with the simplicity and clunkiness of a kid's book that people from all walks of life have been helped by Scientology. Why, everyone from the Asian Art Expert to the Actress to the NFL Alumnus can learn from L. Ron Hubbard!

The second one tries to hammer home Scientology's message by presenting the audience with smart, well-reasoned, and realistic analogies like: "If you leave this room after seeing this film and walk out and never mention Scientology again, you are perfectly free to do so…You can also dive off a bridge, or blow your brains out. That is your choice." (They didn't mention that you can also make a bootleg copy of this video and release it on the Internet, but that, too, is probably your choice.) [youtube:JUvv-BM7zg0] A few questions: Where's Beck? Is that Gary Cole, one of the 10 Character Actors Who Should Be In Every Movie, hosting? (The quality is very bad, but he looks and sounds an awful lot like him.) And, are you a Scientologist yet?


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