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Check out this short Star Wars cartoon starring those motherfucking space penguins

The Last Jedi won’t be out until December 15, but since it is a Star Wars movie, we are already arguing over it—particularly the little fellows called “Porgs.” As introduced in a series of photos from the set, they are short, round birdlike things described as “an indigenous race of caretaker creatures” by director Rian Johnson. While there is certainly some validity to the argument that they seem a bit too twee, evoking the still-contentious Ewoks of the original trilogy and the universally reviled Gungans of the prequel trilogy, they are also just some motherfucking space penguins, and frankly, we should get to know them before we judge them.

As if to help us in this pursuit, Star Wars released a brief animation of the little fuckers playing around with The Force Awakens’ breakout marketing gimmick, BB-8.

They seem serious, hardworking, and small. They’re fine.


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