Decent citizens shrugged despairingly upon hearing that President Donald Trump used the word “shitholes” (or was it “shithouses”?) to describe Haiti and a number of African countries, already envisioning the justifiable fury, administration denials, and lack of any and all consequence that would follow. Late show hosts have already had their go at Trump for his remarks, but now Conan O’Brien is here to one-up them all by letting actual Haitians make the jokes.

In a new special that premieres this Saturday on TBS, the late night host will travel to the island for what we’re sure are reasons related to both comedy and humanization. As a preview, O’Brien has shared a clip of everyday Haitians roasting Trump for his remarks.


“We have beautiful golf courses here, Mr. President,” says one local. “Please come cheat on them.”

Another reminds us of Trump’s mean-spirited venture into higher education. “If we are poor,” he says, “it is because we are all graduates of Trump University.”


O’Brien even talks to a Norwegian currently living in Haiti. Referencing Trump’s desire for immigrants from that country (where blonde hair and blue eyes is the norm, natch), she tells him she looks forward to immigrating to America after 2020, which marks the end of Trump’s first term. Hey, wishful thinking can’t hurt.