FAST X | Final Trailer

No wonder Dwayne Johnson refused to come back for what we’re being told is an extended, multi-sequel last round-up for the Fast family. Johnson is inarguably the bigger star, but within a Fast film, there’s just no room for Dwayne and Vinnie’s self-love in even the widest of widescreen frames. The Rock is a modern action star after all—a charmer and a politician who never seems fully to buy into the imperatives of the action films he stars in; even as he punches a bad guy through a wall, he already seems like he’s going to reach over and help the guy up, and maybe ask for his vote in November. In Vinnie’s world there are rules—what used to be called a Code of Honor—and the first but unspoken rule is that, while everyone can be heroic, only one guy gets to be the Vinimitable, Vinvincible, VinDomitable hero.


The studio says Fast X is the first part in a franchise-ending storyline. But there is no other universe in which Vin Diesel can get paid $100 million dollars to grimace in front of green screens and spout aphorisms for about 40 minutes of screen time. End of the franchise? Don’t bet on it. Diesel has already intimated that the Fast movies might wrap up with a Fast XII. In one form or another, in whatever sequel closes this storyline down, something furious will this way come.

Fast X opens in theaters on May 19