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Further Adventures In Press Releases

From my inbox:

New Line Records will release the original soundtrack to what promises to be the movie event of the year: the feature film version of the beloved HBO television series Sex And The City, which is due in theaters from New Line Cinema on May 30th, 2008.

Sex and the City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, released on May 27th, was created by in-demand music producer Salaam Remi (Nas, Amy Winehouse, the Fugees), whose challenge, says the film's writer and director Michael Patrick King, was "to create a soundtrack for the ultimate movie about love." Remi wrote a brand-new opening number for the film, "Labels or Love," which, as sung by pop superstar Fergie, re-imagines the series' iconic theme as a fabulous pop song.

So the SATC movie is an event now? And it's the "ultimate movie about love?" If you're going to oversell it that much, why not push the hyperbole about the movie till it is so far on the other side of reason you can't even see it: "Sex & The City: The Movie, the film version of the beloved HBO series, is easily the greatest thing humanity has accomplished (until we find a cure for cancer)." or "Sex & The City: The Movie is the ultimate film about love, and the only movie that will help to regulate serotonin in your brain better than Paxil." Or "You can impregnate yourself with Sex & The City: The Movie, give birth to it 9 months later, and have a movie that is about love loving you for the rest of its life: that's how amazing and full of love this movie is."

Still, "Labels Or Love" is a great idea for a song. I'm glad someone finally laid down the gauntlet: it's either fashion labels or the human emotion of love. There can be no in between!

In case you were wondering, the Fergie song sounds exactly like what you'd think a Fergie song called "Labels Or Love" would sound like.

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That is to say, it's basically "Fergalicious" but choppier, and covered with grunts about "Dior" and "Manolo."

The soundtrack also features a brand-new song from Oscar-winning diva Jennifer Hudson, who plays a personal assistant to Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the film. Hudson shows off her powerful pipes on "All Dressed in Love" (written by MC Jack Splash and Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo Green), which plays over the end credits. "Jennifer makes it almost impossible not to dance out of the theater," King says.

I thought this movie was about love, not about dancing, Michael Patrick King. Jennifer Hudson's song should create a soft wave of friendship that physically lifts everyone from their seats, and carries them out of the theater like a love tsunami. Also, does every song on this soundtrack have the word "love" in the title? Here's a look at the track listing:

1. "Labels or Love" - Fergie

2. "All Dressed In Love" - Jennifer Hudson

3. "The Look Of Love" (Madison Park vs Lenny B Remix) - Nina Simone

4. "What do you mean by 'heart attack'? Like there was an attack? In his heart?" - Carrie (Mr. Big death scene)

5. "L-U-V Spells Love (Phonetically)" - Ray Charles

6. "Duck, Duck, Duck, Love" - T-Pain

7. "I'd like to clean his pool, with extra chlorine—if you know what I mean." - Samantha (Samantha meets the pool boy scene)

8. "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" - Al Green featuring Joss Stone

9. "LoveHeart (Heart Of Love)" - Kenny Loggins

10. "Agggggghhhh!" - Charlotte (Charlotte realizes she's a caricature scene)

11. "Gimme Some Love Medicine To Fix My Broken Heart" - Aerosmith

12. "Uh-oh Where'd My Heart Go?" - Suzy Q

13. "Men are like shoes. But friends? They're like the best socks you've ever had. Probably cashmere ones." - Carrie (Skyy Vodka Friendtini scene)

14. "Sex and the City Movie Theme" - The Pfeifer Broz. Orchestra

I'm really sorry to say that only five of these tracks are real.

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