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Gerald's Game joins all the other Stephen King adaptations in development

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As the roster of projects based on Stephen King’s works continues to balloon to a size that King would deem acceptable for one of his new novels, Deadline has also added his 1992 book Gerald’s Game. Mike Flanagan, director of haunted-mirror movie Oculus, has signed on to begin shooting an adaptation in the fall, somehow turning a woman who’s handcuffed to a bed and hallucinating voices for hundreds of pages into a compelling cinematic experience. The book has long been thought to be an unlikely candidate for the big screen—not only because of its limited frame of action, but also the incest subplots and S&M sex that fill out the rest of the non-woman-hallucinating-on-a-bed story.

But of course, thanks to Game Of Thrones and Fifty Shades Of Grey, both incest and S&M are enjoying a moment, and Flanagan believes the time is now right to add Gerald’s Game to the Stephen King movies list. Meanwhile, Gerald’s Game is enjoying its 22nd year of topping the “Stephen King Books That Made Your Mom Uncomfortable” list.