Totally coincidentally timed with the release of The Hunger Games, Relativity Media has debuted the trailer for House At The End Of The Street, the Jennifer Lawrence-starring thriller it originally had scheduled for February, but pushed back to September because it decided it wanted to debut amid the crispness of autumn and the apple-scented air, most likely. As you can tell from the title, the film joins other horror movies like The Last House On The Left or The People Under The Stairs in the genre of "Seemingly Innocuous Directions To Places Where Surprisingly Evil Things Reside," telling the story of a young girl and her mother (Elisabeth Shue) who get a bargain on an inexpensive new abode, because it’s where a gruesome double-murder happened. Also, there is some water damage.

Anyhoo, much like the similar set-up of American Horror Story, Lawrence and Shue soon discover that the house hides a lingering evil that may or may not have something to do with the brooding blonde boy next door. (Unlike American Horror Story: Everything else, probably.) Gaming fans will note that this preview takes a Dead Island approach to tracing that evil to its source, rewinding the events that led to Jennifer Lawrence shucking the tight white tank top of hope and donning the tight white tank top of fear. Will she ever find a way to put on the tight white tank top of hard-won lessons about buying murder houses? Maybe. Maybe.