Last night, in the nether regions of cable, Justin Timberlake inducted Madonna into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. How did Justin pay tribute to Madonna? Appropriately enough, with a giant show of ego. His induction speech could have doubled as the debut of the Comedic Stylings Of Justin Timberlake. (Watch it here, if you have yet to reach your daily groan quota.)

Of course, Timberlake has always found himself pretty funny. Let's take a look at the hilarious tools he uses to crack himself up:

1. Multiple gratuitous crotch shots.

As this commercial proves, Timberlake is at least as funny as the average episode of America's Funniest Home Videos, though he could use a few more babies falling down and/or kittens slipping off of television sets.

2. Digital short Andy Samberg. (Not to be confused with Hot Rod Andy Samberg.)


Does proximity to a comedian make you funny? If you stay within a 2 foot radius of them, sometimes. From Samberg, Timberlake has learned the fine art of 90s music video parody. Also, dick jokes.

3. Wigs and tiny bathing suits.


As this image from The Love Guru proves, Timberlake has all of the sweaty, "laff-at-me!" desperation of a frat guy dressed as Borat for Halloween. In short, he's the next John Mayer.

4. Self-deprecation in the form of Britney Spears jokes.


In between saying how much he'd love to "enter" Madonna's "hall," and "induct her" during his speech last night, Timberlake engaged in a little bit of self-deprecation. Unfortunately, making fun of his former girlfriend (whose current unofficial profession is "tired joke") is about as self-deprecating as Justin Timberlake gets. First, he gave the crowd this Britney zinger: "..Somehow [Madonna] still found time to publicly kiss at least someone who I may or may not have kissed myself. [pause] Of course, you all know I'm talking about Sean Penn." Then he capped off his "No, seriously, y'all. I used to date Britney Spears!" routine by saying, "The world has long been full of Madonna wannabes, and I might have even dated a couple, but there is only one Madonna." Timberlake should really start going out with Amy Winehouse. His act is wearing a little thin.